Age a factor in workplace discrimination

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Age is nothing but a number, some say. But others, including some employers have a different view. Despite having legislation enacted to prevent age discrimination, this type of workplace discrimination still exists and seems to be thriving in the digital age. Older workers in Wisconsin may find some facts from a recent article about age discrimination reflective of their own experience. 

The legislation enacted to prevent age discrimination came into effect over 50 years ago, yet some workers still struggle with this when searching for jobs. Women tend to experience age discrimination earlier and more often than men, but both sexes suffer during the job hunt as they age. Older people should not be treated as second class citizens when it comes to protection from age discrimination. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission deals with about 20,000 age discrimination cases each year, but experts believe many more cases go unreported and urge for more enforcement around the issue. The issue can begin as early as the job search, with job listings that list maximum years of experience and requesting “digital natives” or people who grew up using digital technology. With the number of tech jobs growing, more and more seniors will need training in modern technology. 

Seniors who are capable of performing a job should be granted an equal opportunity to get a job regardless of their age. If a Wisconsin worker feels that he or she has been the victim of workplace discrimination, there are steps he or she can take to ensure that they are given a fair chance. A lawyer can help with filing a suit against any employers who are using unfair hiring practices. 

Source:, “Experts: Age discrimination is still a thing in the workplace“, Maria Ines Zamudio, June 15, 2017

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