Why contractors are treated differently than employees

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If you work at a company as a contractor, you might notice that you’re not feeling as included as the other employees. There’s a reason for that.

However, contractors still have rights of their own.

Employee misclassification

Contractors should be treated differently than employees because of the difference in the way they are classified. That means employees may enjoy more benefits, such as vacation days, work-from-home privileges and invitations to company gatherings.

However, employees should also bare more responsibilities that contractors. That means they’ll be required to attend more meetings, carrying more responsibilities and deal with issues of a higher priority.

This is meant to prevent companies from making a contractor carry all of the responsibilities of a regular employee, without being required to offer the contractor benefits.

Contractor’s still have rights

While a contractor may not have all of the rights an employee has, they still retain the same employment rights under Title VII. This keeps contractors from facing discriminations on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or pregnancy.

Contractors who make a claim of workplace discrimination should receive and investigation of the same priority of a regular employee. A contractor who faces employer retaliation for making a claim should seek the help of an attorney.

We all deserve a safe workspace

It’s not uncommon for contractors to feel less valuable than a regular employee. However, if you’re being mistreated at work, you have the right to raise your voice about it.

To learn more about your wage, overtime and employment rights as a contactor, consult an Employment Law attorney for help. A lawyer can help ensure that you are being treated fairly.

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