Chicago restaurant chain settles sexual harassment lawsuit

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Rosebud Restaurants operates several Italian eateries in Chicago, but the chain also sells its baked lasagna, Pappardelle Marinara, wild mushroom ravioli and linguini with clams at outlets in the suburbs as well.

According to news sources, the Chicago-based firm recently agreed to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit for $160,000. The firm was accused of violating federal civil rights laws when two female employees were sexually harassed and one of them was fired after complaining to supervisors about workplace harassment.

The woman who alleged in the lawsuit that she was fired also complained that some employees used racial slurs about African Americans. She worked in Rosebud’s Centro restaurant (now closed) and said she was subjected to misconduct by a fellow employee that included unwelcome touching (including grabbing her between her legs), sexual propositions and comments.

The former Rosebud server also objected to racial slurs allegedly used by some fellow workers.

After registering her complaints to managers, she was fired a few weeks later, the lawsuit contended.

The other woman in the lawsuit was apparently harassed by the same server in the same location.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued Rosebud in 2013 for failing to hire African Americans because of race. The company and EEOC settled that suit for $1.9 million to applicants who had been improperly rejected for jobs.

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