Doctor brings wrongful termination suit to Wisconsin hospital

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A recent lawsuit may give a peek into the inner workings of a local hospital. One doctor alleges that he was a victim of wrongful termination when he spoke up about his employer’s failure to meet standards for organ transplants. The Wisconsin hospital is currently on probation, and the lawsuit is still pending. 

The physician noticed that organs were being turned down from the hospital where he was employed because there were no physicians on staff 24 hours to perform the transplant surgeries. The doctor believes that patients may have died unnecessarily because of the practices. When he raised his concerns, he says that he was fired, and also he claims that the hospital gave false statements in an attempt to prevent him from being hired at another institution. 

The hospital’s transplant program has been on probation for several months. The lawsuit alleges that the hospital broke regulations by failing to staff the transplant team adequately. A reporter has found that any hospital that does not maintain an around-the-clock staff for organ transplantation would not qualify as a member of good standing according to federal regulations. 

The man brought his lawsuit in 2015, and it is not yet settled. If he wins, he may be able to receive awards for any damages he incurred as a result of the actions taken by his employer. Other individuals in Wisconsin who are facing similar problems with wrongful termination claims have the right to contact an attorney for an evaluation of their cases and assistance and support throughout the litigation process. 

Source:, “Lawsuit gives insight into hospital transplant program“, Casey Geraldo, Oct. 19, 2017

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