We Fight For Victims Of Age Discrimination

Federal and state laws protect employees from employment discrimination based on age. If you find you have been denied employment or advancement based on your age or you have been wrongfully terminated or demoted for age-based reasons, you have legal rights.

At Fox & Fox, S.C., we provide knowledgeable employment law guidance to clients throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area. Our skilled trial attorneys are here to help you pursue fair and just compensation for the losses you have suffered due to age discrimination.

Have You Been Discriminated Against Because Of Your Age?

All too often, older workers are underestimated and passed over for younger candidates by employers who think younger is better. Age 40 and over is a protected status under employment discrimination law, meaning it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against you because you are 40 or more years of age.

We understand the value that older workers bring to the workplace. We also know how difficult it can be for an older worker to lose employment due to age and face a job market where age bias makes it hard to find other suitable employment.

Our employment discrimination lawyers are skilled at proving the underlying age bias that is present in so many businesses and government agencies in Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area. We have achieved an impressive record of success representing clients in age discrimination cases.

Ready To Review The Facts Of Your Case

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