Take Action Against An Employer When Sexual Harassment Occurs

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a destructive force that can make life miserable and ruin careers. If you face sexual harassment at work, you have rights.

At Fox & Fox, S.C., we can help you understand your rights and provide you with the strong legal representation you need. Our elite team of employment law attorneys has a consistent record of success handling sexual harassment claims for clients throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area.

Protecting Employees From Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment can take many forms. Some behaviors that can amount to sexual harassment include:

  • Lewd jokes and comments
  • Unwanted touching
  • Comments about physical appearance and attributes
  • Pictures, videos and other media depicting inappropriate content
  • Requesting or demanding sexual favors in exchange for promotions or other favorable treatment, also known as “quid pro quo” sexual harassment

Gender does not matter in a sexual harassment case. The victim can be male or female, as can the harasser. If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, talk to an experienced employment law attorney to learn more about your rights and options.

Fear Of Retaliation For Reporting Sexual Harassment

Many employees who are sexually harassed at work are afraid to report it for fear of being fired, demoted or given other adverse treatment. Remember, employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees for reporting sexual harassment and other workplace violations. The lawyers at Fox & Fox, are here to ensure you are protected from all adverse and unlawful treatment, including sexual harassment and retaliation.

Do Not Put Up With A Hostile Work Environment

If you are facing sexual harassment in employment or retaliation for reporting it, our skilled trial attorneys can give you sound advice about your rights and help you pursue fair and just compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered. Contact us today online, or by telephone at 608-258-9588, 844-206-9772 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Chicago or Wisconsin sexual harassment lawyer. With law offices in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, we are equipped to represent clients throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area.