Protecting The Employment Rights Of LGBT Clients

The anti-discrimination laws of Wisconsin, Illinois and the city of Madison prohibit discrimination in employment because of a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or sexual preference, including heterosexuality. These laws apply to all aspects of employment, including hiring and promotion, pay and benefits, and layoff and termination.

If you face sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, the civil rights attorneys at Fox & Fox, S.C., are here to stand up for your rights. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of all types of employment discrimination, including discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual preference.

We Fight For Victims Of Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The laws against sexual orientation discrimination also prohibit harassment, consisting of overtly homophobic conduct or other adverse actions caused by such bias if they are serious enough to create a hostile work environment or deny any other benefit of employment.

At Fox & Fox, we offer cutting-edge advice and advocacy on employment discrimination affecting the LGBT community. Our attorneys believe in equal treatment and fairness in the workplace and are strong advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients facing these forms of discrimination in the workplace.

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