Federal wrongful termination lawsuit settled for $248,000

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A lawsuit regarding the unfair firing of a prosecutor was settled in October of this year. The prosecuting attorney alleged misconduct on the part of the district attorney and filed suit in 2013. Finally, after four years, the wrongful termination matter has been settled. Individuals in Wisconsin who are facing similar problems with reporting misconduct may take some encouragement from the recent news story. 

The prosecutor who filed suit alleged that the DA fired him because he refused to contribute to the man’s political campaign. He also took issue with the supposed practice of the DA to use violent criminals as informants during investigations. The accused DA maintains that all allegations against him are false. The case was settled in the prosceutor’s favor, however. 

Since he was fired just a few months shy of his pension-qualifying anniversary, the man was retroactively reinstated to his position in order to be able to receive his pension. He was also awarded $150,000. An additional $98,000 will be paid to the law firm that represented the man, bringing the total award to $248,000. 

It can be considered a brave act to move against a powerful person, but in the end, if one can prove the case, justice will usually prevail. In Wisconsin, a person has the right to be free from wrongful termination. A person who has been the victim of a lost job due to unfair or unjust practices of an employee may wish to bring the case to court. An experienced lawyer can help guide the person through the legal process. 

Source: The Boston Globe, “Plymouth DA settles wrongful termination suit for $248k brought by former prosecutor“, Danny McDonald, Nov. 22, 2017

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