Female workers to add sexual harassment, retaliation to lawsuit

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Many Milwaukee residents think of Hawaii as paradise – especially when we are in the throes of another bitterly cold winter. But even paradise is imperfect, it seems.

Attorneys for some female workers at the Kauai Marriott Resort are asking a court to allow them to add sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation complaints to a class action lawsuit they filed last year. The half-dozen plaintiffs filed the action after a coworker’s phone was found recording women in the hotel’s employee locker room.

The phone was allegedly found in a part of the locker room that included a toilet stall and an area where female employees change clothes, a news report stated. The six women filed their lawsuit after two of them found the phone actively recording video.

Their lawyers are requesting that they be allowed to amend the class action suit initially filed in September of last year. A hearing on their request will be held later this month.

Part of what prompted their request was an incident that happened in October, when one of the women went to a restaurant to pick up take-out food. She said she overheard a coworker making a loud sexual comment about her to his friends seated with him.

The amended complaint would also charge the hotel with allowing a workplace environment that is hostile to female employees.

According to a news report, a male housekeeping worker was arrested last September and later fired because of the incident with the phone. Female employees later learned they had been recorded for more than a year, despite repeated complaints by numerous women to hotel management about the locker room.

We see more and more workers standing up for their rights to be free of workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The first step in that process is a conversation with an attorney experienced in employment law litigation.

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