A complaint filed against a former state senator, now acting as a city treasurer, has been settled, although he denies the behavior. The details of the Wisconsin workplace discrimination and harassment claim was recently revealed to the media. In light of the revelations, the man has issued a statement. 

The claim stems from incidents dating back to 2009. The aide, a female, claimed that the senator referred to her skin as not black enough and also commented on her cleavage. She was eventually let go from her position, which she claims was because she complained to human resources about the behavior. The former senator maintains that it was simply due to regular staffing reductions. 

Initially, the claims against the man were dismissed, but upon appeal. the state settled with the woman and sent a payout of $75,000. In a statement issued by the former senator, he stated that the woman was not let go because of complaints, and that he did not sign the settlement agreement and was not involved with the appeal. The events have led leaders at the Capitol to review policies for reporting harassment. 

The Wisconsin case is one of many recent incidents involving workplace discrimination. Although the behavior was not reported immediately, the woman was able to be compensated for damages resulting from the mistreatment. It is illegal to harass or discriminate against an employee based on age, race, sex and several other conditions. A person who has been a victim of bias in the workplace may consider hiring a lawyer before bringing the matter to the court. 

Source: fox6now.com, “Documents offer new details on sexual harassment complaint against Spencer Coggs“, Madeline Anderson, Dec. 5, 2017

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