Illinois campaign worker says she suffered harassment, retalition

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House speaker Michael Madigan is a powerful figure in Illinois politics. But his vaunted political operation has been disrupted by a woman who alleges that Madigan aide Kevin Quinn sexually harassed her and that she has been a victim of retaliation as well.

Former campaign worker Alaina Hampton told the Chicago Tribune that her efforts to stop Quinn’s advances resulted in a loss of opportunities to work on other campaigns.

She recently filed a federal lawsuit against Friends of Michael J. Madigan (the speaker’s political fund) and the Democratic Party of Illinois, claiming that because she asserted “her rights to be free from unlawful harassment and a sexually hostile work environment,” she was not hired to do political consulting during the current election cycle.

She asks for $350,000 and attorneys’ fees in her legal claim.

She said that because she tried to stop the harassment, she was “forced to leave a job” that she loves, thereby derailing her career.

“My reputation was sullied,” she said at a press conference, “and I lost out on key job opportunities as word spread that I was persona non grata” with the party, which Madigan chairs.

Hampton said her lawsuit has two purposes: to obtain compensation for her career setback and to help others who are watching her case closely.

A Madigan spokesperson said the lawsuit is being reviewed, but that the speaker’s organization and the Democratic Party did not retaliate against the woman “in any way.”

Last month, Madigan fired Quinn after Hampton’s story was published in the Tribune, complete with texts.

If you have been sexually harassed in the workplace and then suffered retaliation after reporting the misconduct, speak to an attorney experienced in employment law litigation.

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