Lawsuit: HR director walked around office sans shirt

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In most Milwaukee workplaces, the Human Resources director is more aware today than ever of the types of behaviors that are simply impermissible on the job. At the top of that list is sexual harassment; an issue that has over the past year gotten the media and employer attention it has long deserved.

Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page. We read recently of a male HR director for a mid-sized Texas city who reportedly walked around the office without a shirt on, asking employees to feel his muscles. Two former city employees have filed lawsuits in which they claim they’ve been subjected to sexual harassment and retaliation.

The city of 62,000 is being sued by its former Chief Financial Officer and an HR employee who say their employment was terminated after they complained about workplace problems. According to a news report, the former CFO said the city’s police chief “often talked about sex” and his preferences.

When she filed a complaint, he said it’s “too bad” and that’s “it’s just who I am.”

The HR employee said her boss, the former HR director, strutted around the office “with no shirt on,” asking people “to touch his pecs and biceps.” He also bragged that he hired staff “based on their 8 x 10 pictures.”

A person might reasonably assume that an HR supervisor would know better than to behave like that in the workplace.

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace and retaliation for registering a complaint, speak to an attorney experienced in employment law litigation. A skilled lawyer can help protect your career and rights.


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