Man berates female attorney before losing sexual harassment suit

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The jury took just 90 minutes to arrive at its decision on punitive damages. To say the jury found in favor of the woman who said she had been sexually harassed by her former employer would be an understatement. The numbers make the jury’s decision much clearer: she was awarded $8 million in punitive damages from the self-proclaimed billionaire hologram producer.

That brings the total amount awarded to her in the sexual harassment case to more than $11 million. The plaintiff argued that the defendant demanded sex and then fired her when she refused.

Plaintiff Chastity Jones is to receive $3.09 million in compensatory damages from former employer Alki David in addition to the aforementioned punitive damages.

The plaintiff’s attorney had called a witness to the stand to describe David’s online videos in which he the Coca-Cola fortune heir bragged about being a billionaire. The defendant’s attorney had argued that her client was merely engaging in some self-promotion in the video and that neither his remarks or his tax returns indicate that he is a billionaire.

The attorney had argued against punitive damages for the plaintiff, who had worked for two of the defendant’s companies.

Some observers believe the defendant’s courtroom behavior – he verbally berated the defendant’s attorney – revealed his true character.

For her part, the plaintiff’s lawyer said she was unimpressed by the defendant’s outburst, followed by his quick exit. “I am trained in self-defense and I could have taken him down,” the employment law attorney said. “I think he was frightened of me because he left the courtroom.”

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