Regular readers of our Milwaukee employment law blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently wrote about a doctor who is suing the Medical College of Wisconsin for religious discrimination and retaliation. In a separate matter, the school is being accused by a heart surgeon of wrongful termination and retaliation after he says he blew the whistle on substandard care.

Cardiothoracic surgeon Robert Love claims several doctors at the facility “orchestrated a smear campaign in an attempt to silence” him.

The allegations were part of an amended claim filed in federal court. The surgeon recently reached a settlement Froedtert Hospital, which was included in his original lawsuit. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Love’s amended complaint alleges that one of his peers violated federal patient privacy law in repeated attempts to find dirt on Love in his files. The original lawsuit was filed three years ago.

The amended complaint now contains that the surgeon was subjected to workplace retaliation, intentionally inflicted emotional distress, defamation and “wrongful interference with prospective contractual relations,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The Medical College asked the court to dismiss Love’s complaint, stating in a motion that he was “arrogant, dismissive and self-serving” with colleagues. The institution also said the surgeon negotiated his own exit after failing to build support as a section chief.

Love claims Medical College employees violated the False Claims Act by conspiring to retaliate against him for exposing misconduct and later defaming him to medical centers where he sought employment.

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