Although Milwaukee news outlets did not report on the story, we read recently of a man accused by former co-workers of making their lives miserable with two years of inappropriate and unacceptable workplace behavior. A lawsuit filed against the former nursing home worker and his employer says he sexually harassed and assaulted at least four women who worked at the facility.

An employment law attorney representing the plaintiffs in the harassment and retaliation litigation said, “What’s most alarming about this situation is that there were several complaints and the management did nothing about it.”

The suit says the man groped the women and grabbed their breasts, slapped their behinds and made inappropriate sexual comments to them at work.

“Nothing like that should ever be acceptable in a workplace or anywhere,” the lawyer said.

A news article about the lawsuit says two of the plaintiffs were just 17 years old when the harassment and abuse began two years ago. One of them said the man blocked her exit from a linen closet and “physically forced her to embrace him as he forcefully tried to kiss her.”

The employment law attorney said the youngest plaintiffs were in high school at the time of the abuse, working part-time jobs at the Kentucky nursing home.

The lawsuit states that some of the women who complained about the man’s behavior were suspended for fired after reporting him.

If you have endured similarly intolerable working conditions, contact a Milwaukee employment law attorney experienced in protecting rights and careers.

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