The 63-year-old doctor saw a steady increase in the number of women in medicine since she began her work treating cancer patients. That shift in dynamics made it difficult for her to understand or accept the gender discrimination she said she experienced in her 25 years as an oncologist at the University of California Los Angeles.

A jury recently awarded the lymphoma expert in her gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. Lauren Pinter-Brown, MD, was awarded about $3 million in economic damages and $10 million in noneconomic damages.

According to a recent Medscape report, Dr. Pinter-Brown is to receive $635,000 for past lost earnings, approximately $2.4 million in future earnings, $7 million in past noneconomic loss, and another $3 million for future noneconomic loss.

She had said the institution did not address her complaints about gender and age discrimination, and that she suffered retaliation for making the complaints.

The school had argued that she wasn’t forced out or terminated and that she had made the choice to leave on her own. The doctor countered that “intolerable working conditions,” harassment and retaliation left her no choice but to leave the facility after working there a quarter of a century.

“I was discriminated against for being female, and it was a horrible experience,” the doctor told Medscape.

The doctor’s attorney said to the court that “a physician should not have to change who they are, how they interact, and how they deal with their work environment just because their complaints of discrimination and harassment went unaddressed, but that’s exactly what happened here with Dr Pinter-Brown.”

If you have suffered gender or age discrimination and retaliation for complaining about the improper workplace behavior, speak to an attorney experienced in employment law litigation.

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