Sexual harassment reporting takes courage, says Gretchen Carlson

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A former Fox News anchor has spoken out about her experience with problems in the workplace. She claims that the former CEO of the media agency subjected her to sexual harassment. The case was later settled. In a recent statement to media, she expressed some opinions and feelings about the topic that workers in Wisconsin may find interesting. 

Ms. Carlson says that the way harassment has historically been handled can stifle the issue. A woman who speaks out against such workplace abuse faces not being believed, forced arbitration or settlements with gag orders. These practices can contribute to a person’s inability to speak openly about the experience of the harassment or to gain support. 

A Cosmopolitan survey reported that one in three women have experienced sexual harassment at work, but only 71 percent of those women have reported the incidents. Women also report feeling that these types of complaints are not handled fairly. Forced arbitration is one way that women feel trapped. An Economic Policy Institute report found that over half of non-union, private sector employees must agree to arbitration as part of their employment contract. 

The former media host shares tips that helped her through her sexual harassment reporting process. She suggests these tips from her book — to document everything, speak to a trusted attorney, and to talk to trusted co-workers who could serve as witnesses. Of course, Ms. Carlson’s opinions are her own, but individuals in Wisconsin facing a similar problem may be wondering what to do. An experienced employment law attorney could potentially offer helpful guidance in this instance. 

Source:, “Gretchen Carlson says the way we handle sexual harassment ‘gags’ the women who confront it“, Rachel Gillett, Oct. 11, 2017

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