There is little doubt that the biggest, brightest star in the Wisconsin sports universe is Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The star dominates on the field of play and on the nation’s TV screens as well, appearing in a number of lucrative TV commercials as a pitchman.

Rodgers is one of many prominent sports figures represented by powerhouse talent agency CAA Sports. The firm has been rocked recently by allegations that one of its former leading agents was allowed to engage in sexual harassment and that agents who spoke up against the improper behavior suffered retaliation that included wrongful termination.

It should be noted that there is no suggestion that Rodgers knew of any of the alleged improper behavior.

Two former CAA agents — Stephanie Lopez and Rick Montz – claim that the former head of the company’s tennis division, Steven Heumann, retaliated against them when they blew the whistle on ongoing sexual harassment by one of CAA’s top agents, Amit Naor.

A recent letter by a CAA attorney acknowledges that “Lopez was subjected to inexcusable behavior at the hands of former CAA agent, Mr. Naor” and that Naor was fired after an internal investigation into her claims.

The lawsuit says Naor “took every opportunity to make inappropriate sexual advances on Stephanie, belittle her work with the division, and make lewd and inappropriate comments to Stephanie about her, colleagues, and clients.”

Montz was present when Naor propositioned Lopez on speakerphone and also allegedly witnessed unethical business practices by the former agent.

Naor also referred to Lopez as a “wetback” on one occasion and threw a chair at her in a fit of rage on another. He also sent her a text that said she was “looking gorgeous,” but that she needed “bigger boobs.”

The lawsuit contains a number of other allegations, some of which were verified by the CAA internal investigation.

Those who endure this type of hostile work environment should contact a Milwaukee law firm experienced in protecting employee rights.

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