Uber answers more charges of workplace discrimination

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With only two months left in 2017, Uber Technologies, Inc. may be eager for this troubling year to end. The ride-sharing company has dealt with extensive negative press in recent months, much of it stemming from accusations of mistreatment of employees. Wisconsin employees who feel harassed or who face workplace discrimination may be interested in the latest allegations facing the company and its administration.

Earlier this year, a woman made a blog post detailing the years of abuse and sexual harassment she and other women endured from supervisors at Uber, where she worked as an engineer. The blog went viral, forcing the resignation of the company’s CEO. This month, Uber was hit with a discrimination lawsuit from three women who allege the company pays 18 percent less to engineers who are female or of color, compared to white and Asian male engineers.

Uber apparently ‘stack ranks’ their employees from worst to best based on biased and invalid evaluations, according to the lawsuit. These evaluations and the subsequent rankings are an important element in determining base salaries, bonuses, raises and promotions. The women’s lawsuit also points out that nothing seems to have changed in the company since the viral blog post brought so much attention to the hostile environment that permits sexual harassment of female employees.

As investigations into the practices at Uber continue, people in Wisconsin may feel encouraged to take their own stand against workplace discrimination. Those who face mistreatment and abuse at work may have many questions about how to proceed to protect themselves from harassment. The assistance of an attorney can provide answers to those questions and guidance in the best options available.                                          

Source: refinery29.com, “Uber Female Employee Lawsuit Race Gender Discrimination“, Madeline Buxton, Oct. 26, 2017

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