Veteran police officer alleges sexual assault and retaliation

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From Milwaukee to Memphis and from Miami to Monterrey and all places in between, there are stories emerging every day about people standing up for their rights in workplaces. We read recently of a veteran police officer far south of us who filed a lawsuit alleging that she was sexually assaulted by a fellow cop and was then retaliated against for reporting the violation.

While these alleged incidents occurred in Alabama, they raise important issues close to our readers in Wisconsin and Illinois.

The veteran Limestone County Sheriff’s investigator said she was sexually assaulted by the office’s chief deputy. She says she was then disciplined and demoted after reporting the incident.

The investigator said the assault occurred at the chief deputy’s home in January of 2017, when she and her boyfriend paid a social visit. Her lawsuit says she was outside smoking a cigarette when the chief deputy approached her and ran his hands between her legs and over her chest. He allegedly asked her to show him her breasts and promised her a promotion if she agreed to his sexual overtures. She declined the offer.

Later, the sheriff called her into his office to tell her she needed a psychiatrist and to threaten her with demotion and firing.

She then filed a formal complaint against the chief deputy over the alleged assault. In response, her supervisor wrote that the sheriff had been justified in threatening to fire her.

Afterwards, she was demoted from captain to patrol, and then had her working hours changed from first shift to third shift. She says she was also passed over for promotions that went to less experienced officers.

These kinds of problems are not limited to certain places or professions. Nor are the rights of employees to be free of assault, harassment, discrimination and retaliation limited by geography or the type of work they do.

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