Wisconsin business leadership can tackle sexual harassment

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Recent headlines are getting attention to longstanding problems in some workplaces. The spate of reports about sexual harassment in workplaces has many individuals considering how the behavior can be eliminated or reduced so that all workers feel safe. One professor feels that part of the solution resides with business leaders. Wisconsin business leaders can start by having and implementing anti-harassment policies for their businesses. 

Trends show that inappropriate behaviors often occur in workplaces that are heavily male dominated. Some spaces are hypermasculine and can even encourage certain types of negative behavior such as bullying. When leadership ignores or participates in a toxic boys’ culture, individuals can pay the price, and companies suffer as a result. 

How can the culture be dismantled? Some believe in an approach that gives clear guidelines as to how the behavior is handled. It can also be important that the leaders show appropriate behavior and quickly and seriously manage issues as they come up. It is reported that many individuals who have been harassed don’t demand harsh consequences for the action, they simply want the behavior to stop. 

In Wisconsin, business leaders can begin to strengthen the existing policies that protect all workers from mistreatment. For the individual who has been the victim of sexual harassment, he or she can report the behavior. If the issue can’t be settled in the workplace, then it may be time to contact a lawyer. An employment law attorney with experience can be a great asset to an individual fighting for justice. 

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio, “How Companies Should Handle Sexual Harassment“, Colleen Leahy, Nov. 13, 2017

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