Wisconsin business takes wage dispute case to Supreme Court

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A large company has had a busy year for legal cases. Epic, a corporation based in Wisconsin, appeared before the Supreme Court in early October to get a ruling about its preferred method for handling a wage dispute. In another case, the company had a reduction in the award, stemming from a trade secrets case. 

The wage dispute case is one that is trending across the country. Since the matter has reached the highest court in the land, the outcome will likely set a precedent that will be followed by other companies and defended in other courtrooms across the land. The hot topic on the table is the use of arbitration to settle wage disputes. 

The business is fighting for its right to make workers sign an employment contract that would force workers to arbitrate any wage disputes individually instead of collectively as a group. The arbitration clause was deemed to violate federal law in a federal appeals court last year. Initial results for the case appear to show that the Supreme Court may have differing opinions on this issue.

Some individuals feel that wage dispute arbitration clauses hurt employees, and others think that a ruling against these clauses can affect millions of existing employee contracts. An employee will likely want to fight for an expanded ability to demand a fair wage. Workers in Wisconsin who feel that they have been unfairly or not completely compensated for their work may wish to contact a knowledgeable employment law attorney for more help with this issue. 

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