Wisconsin county tackles sexual harassment

On behalf of Fox & Fox, S.C.

Knowledge is power. That is how one Wisconsin county has chosen to approach the issue of sexual harassment among its employees. Sexual harassment training is incorporated into the county, with county employees and board members receiving the class on harassment. 

Door County board members were told that they have an excellent policy when it comes to sexual harassment. The county has decided to provide training to reduce losses from harassment claims. Employees receive the full training, and board members get an abbreviated session during the county meeting. The training is taught by a representative of the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation. 

The training covers issues ranging over a wide selection of sexual harassment concerns. The training teaches that sexual harassment is often about power, not sex. Supervisors have the responsibility to report harassment, even if they are told about it while out of the office. The perception of a sexually inappropriate comment is more important than the intention, so workers are urged to be careful about what they say. By eliminating harassment, businesses are able to retain good workers.

This Wisconsin county has been able to set an important example by officially rejecting sexual harassment and taking proactive steps to eliminate it. Unfortunately, no training is perfect, and not every business has followed suit. Employees are federally protected against harassment in the workplace. Harassment in the workplace can lead to lost wages, a hostile work environment and wrongful termination. A lawyer can help a person who has experienced harassment to pursue claims for lost wages and other applicable monetary damages. 

Source: greenbaypressgazette.com, “County Board receives sexual harassment training“, Peter J. Devlin, June 30, 2017