Wisconsin gravedigger sues for wrongful termination

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A person who reports the wrongdoing of others on the job should be protected from retaliation. The law supports this notion, and protections exist for whistleblowers. In Wisconsin, one man was fired from his job, he says, after reporting the improper conduct of his fellow employees. He has brought a lawsuit for wrongful termination against the deathcare company. 

The man, a third generation gravedigger, initially became upset when he noticed his co-workers reporting to work intoxicated. He reports that they were also performing shoddy work — not digging holes deep enough, damaging drainage pipes and desecrating graves. The man went to his supervisor and reported the problems, and he was assured that the problems would be addressed. 

The issues continued, and the man also reported his co-workers via the third-party reporting line given in the employee handbook. He reported the problems a final time, asking for a transfer, and was then fired by his boss. The gravedigger has filed a lawsuit and is asking to be reinstated at his job. 

The Wisconsin gravedigger’s life has been adversely affected by the termination, and he is now unemployed and is forced to live in his car. The wrongful termination suit has not yet made it through the courts. It remains to be seen whether the individual will be allowed to go back to his chosen work. Surely other employees in the state have experienced other, similar instances of unfair treatment. For assistance with employment law claims, many people choose to use the services of an attorney for guidance on building a strong case. 

Source: isthmus.com, “Gravedigger says he was fired for blowing whistle“, Dylan Brogan, Sept. 20, 2017

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