Wisconsin harassment, retaliation lawsuit settled

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Those who expect elected officials to hold themselves to a higher standard are undoubtedly disappointed in the news that the Dane County District Attorney’s office has settled a harassment and retaliation lawsuit that claimed misconduct by the prosecutor.

According to news reports, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne was accused of waging ” a campaign of retaliation and harassment” against a former assistant district attorney who opposed him in a 2016 primary election. The lawsuit has been settled for $350,000.

Former Assistant District Attorney Bob Jambois said of the settlement he accepted: “I hope this sends a message to Ismael Ozanne that he can’t behave this way. He can’t treat his staff this way. He’s got to treat them with respect.”

Jambois, a former Kenosha County District Attorney, ran against Ozanne in the primary for the office of District Attorney in 2016, saying in the campaign that Ozanne was “not a capable manager.”

Ozanne prevailed in the race, however, with 73 percent of the vote.

According to a news report, the former district attorney was given a “crushing” workload afterwards that included 31 cases in just two months. The apparently excess work caused Jambois to resign from the office.

Under terms of the agreement, Ozanne does not admit to any wrongdoing. But Jambois’s attorney said that one of the reasons his client accepted the settlement was to help deter future inappropriate behavior in the district attorney’s office.

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