It’s the store that greets you with a friendly smile and a sticker. The giant retailer has a long history of employing older and disabled workers, but one location has been charged with failing to accommodate an employee’s needs. A recent incident in a Wisconsin Walmart location has led to allegations of workplace discrimination due to the company’s treatment of a long time employee. 

The male employee who brought the incident to light had been employed as a cart pusher for 16 years. He is considered a disabled person. His disabilities includes deafness and vision impairment. New reports did not reveal any previous employment issues concerning the man. 

When a new manager was hired at the location, the employee was suspended and ordered to resubmit medical disability paperwork before he could return to work. Prior to being suspended, the man was assisted in his daily duties with the help of a job coach. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on the man’s behalf, claiming the retailer failed to reasonably accommodate the employee’s needs. The lawsuit is still pending. 

After the workplace discrimination lawsuit was filed, the Wisconsin Walmart has stated that the store is open to continuing discussions with the man and desires an amicable outcome. The worker is protected by federal law against disability discrimination, and has the right to have his particular needs accommodated within reason. Other individuals facing similar discrimination situations with employers may wish to consult with an attorney for guidance on employment law issues. 

Source: Miami Herald, “Agency alleges Walmart discriminated against Beloit employee”, Sept. 26, 2017

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