Workplace discrimination charges for Wisconsin care center

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An employer should offer employees reasonable accommodations for their temporary disability needs. In fact, these types of adjustments are part of the law of the land in Wisconsin. Pregnancy is considered a type of temporary disability, so a company that offers light duty for other types of disabilities should also offer the same for its pregnant workers. One company is facing a workplace discrimination suit for allegedly violating a worker’s rights to reasonable accommodations.

The woman was working at senior care center when she informed her employers that she was pregnant. Her physician had advised light duty due to her pregnancy, but instead of offering the light duty work she was fired. The company does offer light-duty work for other employees who become injured, but declined to offer the same to the pregnant employee.

The woman enlisted the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and filed a lawsuit. The suit alleges that the woman was fired unfairly and that her status as a protected employee was violated. The firing supposedly violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The senior care center will have to now deal with a lawsuit instead of light-duty accommodations.

The case for the Wisconsin woman is still pending. She seeks reinstatement at her job, back pay, as well as compensation and punitive damages. Workplace discrimination is against the law. Other individuals facing instances of unfair bias may wish to consult with an experienced employment law attorney for help with their own unique case.  

Source:, “EEOC accuses Wisconsin residential care provider of pregnancy discrimination“, Mark Iandolo, Aug. 30, 2017

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