A recent news story tells about a police officer who has filed a complaint related to mistreatment she suffered on the job. The Wisconsin officer reportedly experienced workplace discrimination when she did not receive help after reporting ongoing harassment to her supervisors. Two officers have resigned in the aftermath of the complaint, and the woman has been moved to another shift, giving hope to others that their claims of harassment can be taken seriously when the right agencies are involved. 

The complainant worked the overnight shift and began to experience problems with a few of her fellow co-workers. One officer in particular allegedly verbally harassed the woman and even pushed her. She reported being pranked and having her calls canceled for no reason. When she reported the antics to her supervisors, she did not receive a satisfactory response. 

The woman, after observing that other male staff members were not treated the same way, finally filed a complaint against the city with the Department of Workforce Development. The city is investigating the issue and has yet to issue a response after five months. The harassment complaint follows a string of issues in the department related to improper police behavior. 

The police officer has finally been able to move to another shift, and the two primary harassers have resigned their positions. The Wisconsin city continues to investigate the issue so that they can best resolve problems in the department. Other individuals who may be victims of workplace discrimination may choose to follow this woman’s example and file a official complaint. An attorney can be a useful tool when making claims of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. 

Source: wisconsinrapidstribune.com, “Female Green Bay police officer says fellow cops harassed her“, Doug Schneider, July 21, 2017