Qui Tam Laws Protect Those Who Report Fraud Against The Government

To protect taxpayer dollars, the False Claims Act and similar state laws provide strong incentives for private citizens to report fraudulent claims for government funds. These citizen whistleblowers can pursue “qui tam” lawsuits to stop the fraud and recover public money that has been illegally obtained. Government prosecutors often play a major role in these lawsuits, which can result in significant compensation for the whistleblower.

The qui tam attorneys at Fox & Fox, S.C., have extensive experience bringing False Claims Act cases involving Medicare fraud and other deceptive practices by corporations, health care providers, universities and other public and private institutions. In cooperation with enforcement authorities, our lawyers have compiled a successful record of substantial financial recoveries for both taxpayers and our clients.

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Know Your Rights As A Whistleblower Making A Qui Tam Claim

We understand that deciding whether to report fraud against the government can be difficult. Employees who blow the whistle on fraudulent practices at work are often uncertain about how to proceed and concerned about retaliation by their employers.

The False Claims Act attorneys at Fox & Fox can give you the advice you need and provide effective representation throughout the qui tam process. Our team of skilled trial lawyers has also successfully protected whistleblowing employees against unlawful employer retaliation for bringing False Claims Act violations to light.

Ready To Protect Your Interests In Qui Tam Cases

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