Julie Bradley

I want to express my gratitude for all effort & dedication put in by Mike Fox and Fox & Fox regarding my employment dispute. It was a three and a half year process & I never thought anyone would stay by my side for that long.
After 29 great years with a company I was shocked to lose my job because of a “reorganization” that affected only me and a few other employees. I am so thankful for the guidance & support given to me by Mike and the firm during what became a very difficult time for me. Employment cases are difficult and emotionally draining. The knowledge & determination of the firm was a great comfort to me during multiple hearings & mediation.
During the course of my case I talked to a friend who asked me what law firm I was working with. I told her it was Attorney Mike Fox. She shared with me that the husband of a friend of hers worked with Fox & Fox, S.C. on an employment issue he had. He had nothing but high praise for the firm and was very happy with the resolution.
I will never be able to thank Mike and the firm enough! I would recommend Fox & Fox, S.C. to anyone asking for a highly personal and effective representation.

Pat Cannon

I have had nothing but positive experiences in working with attorneys and staff at Fox and Fox. Randy, Mary, Peter, Mike, Krystle, et al are all high character individuals with a passion for their clients and the law. Their vetting process ensures that clients will not be misled with false hopes on questionable claims. The cases they take are pursued with utmost vigor and integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend the Fox and Fox firm!I have had nothing but positive experiences in working with attorneys and staff at Fox and Fox. Randy, Mary, Peter, Mike, Krystle, et al are all high character individuals with a passion for their clients and the law. Their vetting process ensures that clients will not be misled with false hopes on questionable claims. The cases they take are pursued with utmost vigor and integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend the Fox and Fox firm!

Carol Zabkowitz

The Fox firm came to our aide at a time when sexual harassment was hidden like a skeleton in the closet. It was extremely painful but silence protected one’s employment. Mike and company represented us during this turbulent time. His passion, his empathy and honesty not only won my case at trial but ultimately led us to testify before Congress to improve the rights and remedies for people injured by similar misconduct. The civil rights laws were amended after the hearings we attended. My life has been forever changed for the better. I applaud Mike Fox for his fortitude and place in history for helping to improve laws protecting victims of sex discrimination. I cannot imagine a lawyer better equipped to obtain justice and vindication for the clients he represents.

Mike Jansen

I hired Michael Fox and Peter Fox to represent me in a complex breach of contract case. Michael’s knowledge of complicated legal issues were second to none. During the federal trial, Michael was able to communicate, educate, and change the original opinion of the Judge in regards to several complex issues. I could not be more satisfied with Michael Fox (or his partner Peter Fox).

Mark Lefebvre

Fox & Fox is a go-to law firm with an exceptional reputation, one earned client-by-client through belief and hard work. They have helped me and they have helped my friends. While they have succeeded in achieving the hoped for outcomes, they have been equally successful in tending to the emotional lives of the folks they represent. Resolution can mean many things and they understand and deliver on all aspects of it. I am grateful for what they have done for me and for others.


Natalee Cruse

I’m incredibly grateful I found Fox & Fox to represent me on my claim of employment discrimination. I’d never been involved in a lawsuit before and wasn’t sure where to turn, how to find a good attorney, or whether I even had a case. I had just been fired from my job after a series of troubling events with my employer, and it left me shaken. A friend who was familiar with situations like mine and the lawyers who handle them recommended Fox & Fox as the best. I reached out to them, and Mike Fox and Mary Kennelly agreed to represent me. I could not have had better guidance through the legal process, better advocates in the court room, or better partners to navigate a very difficult time in my life.
Mike and Mary related to me on a very personal level, always attentive to the stress that I might feel as the litigation progressed through various stages. They balanced empathy and rigor beautifully: both were supportive and sensitive to what I had been through, while maintaining their intense focus and legal perspective.
Mike and Mary bring so much experience and intelligence to their work, and they were alert to aspects of the case I would never have thought of or known to bring up. They were consistently on point when arguing our case, presenting my testimony, and examining my employer’s witnesses. Their preparation and execution impressed me.
More than anything, I was proud to be represented by attorneys with such integrity and high ethical standards. Mary and Mike fought for me with respect and grace. They consistently exceeded my expectations and made me feel valued, protected, empowered and understood. I highly recommend Fox & Fox to anyone looking for expert counsel.

Wisconsin Mujer

They give honest feedback. Thanks Mary!

Brenda Backeberg

Attorney Mary Kennelly an outstanding knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. I felt as ease and confident that Attorney Kennelly would protect and serve by giving me justice. Attorney Mike Fox and Attorney Mary Kennelly worked well with me in this long process. They both are greatly appreciated!


Candice L
I cannot express my gratitude enough for  FOX & FOX, S.C. and especially Mr. Randall Gold. I came to the firm at a time when I thought all was hopeless and I thought I was going to have to leave my graduate position after spending five dedicated years in graduate school without my PhD – which was devastating. 

I had reached out to other firms, but none were willing to take my case because, even though I was an employee at the university I attended, I was also a student – each firm denied me stating they were not well versed enough to handle my case. Mr. Gold, did not see me as just a student but as a person who desperately needed assistance. He not only was willing to take my case but was passionate and sympathetic. Mr. Gold always made time for my questions, was prompt with feedback, and was kind and patient. He was also honest with me and made sure to convey realistic expectations to me – which was greatly appreciated. In my opinion, Mr. Gold went above and beyond what I had expected – his expertise with the law and guidance always made me feel at ease while I was going through a terrible situation. 

I do not believe I would have been able to finish my PhD if Mr. Gold hadn’t been willing to pursue my discrimination case. I still cannot believe that the ruling has been in my favor and the university is willing to help me graduate. Mr. Gold and the FOX & FOX, S.C. law firm is amazing and should be celebrated because they hold institutions accountable for the injustices they commit and ensure that people receive the fair treatment they deserve.

Satisfied Client of Randall B. Gold
Posted by Valeriya A

I just wanted to say again how grateful I am for the letter that you have authored on my behalf with such vigor; it is beautifully crafted and structured to portray the injustice that I have indured for all these months, while incorporating the relevant legal causes of action. I finally felt that my feelings were validated and justified. I keep re-reading the letter and starting to feel a little at peace with this situation, to the extent that’s possible.”


I am writing to share my excellent experience with attorney Randy Gold from Fox & Fox. I sent an email request from their website and he responded same day with a phone call. I called him back the next morning and he answered and set up an appointment for the following day. His advice was helpful and his customer service was above and beyond. This was a timely matter and he was very prompt and very knowledgeable. If you need this law firm I highly recommend him. He was conscientious about cost as well, which I appreciated.


Attorney Gold first represented me with my discrimination case 2002 and most recent case 2016. I can only describe my experience with this law firm as positive. Not only is Attorney Randall Gold very professional in the way that he has dealt with me, but also through every proceeding that transpired. He knows the law and is superior at advising. I could not be happier. Excellent Service and a prompt call back!

Confident and experienced representation
Posted by anonymous

I hired Randall to help me through a sudden job termination that involved retaliation after filing a complaint against my manager who exhibited a pattern of damaging childish behavior of disparaging Asians and Jews, among many other terrible things. This being my first ever experience of this nature, I did a lot of online research before choosing Randall of Fox and Fox. I wanted a lawyer that would represent me in a reasonable and fair way. As much as I was disappointed in the way my job ended and the company continues to harbor a known racist/anti Semite, I was not out to do damage. The severance I was initially offered was decent, but I knew the context of my termination was not. Because of that, I sought representation. After meeting with Randall in person, I was confident he was the lawyer to help me through this. He was straight forward and told me what to expect, what was reasonable, and what was fantasy. Randall was quick to respond to emails and kept me up to date every step of the way. He listened to and respected my opinions. On occasion, he would talk me off the ledge and remind me things will be resolved quickly and to my advantage. I never felt belittled or that he was ignoring my emails/phone calls. He treated me and worked with me with respect. Randall got me a great settlement in a short amount of time to avoid proceeding to court. I wanted this whole thing resolved quickly so I could move forward!

One of the best civil rights attorneys in the midwest & the U.S
Posted by anonymous

Attorney Gold represented my employment discrimination case and settled it within twelve months. Atty. Gold was extremely trustworthy, responsive, declarative, and highly proficient in the practice of his profession–employment and civil rights law.

Excellent Attorney
Posted by anonymous

I had a very difficult case where 2 other attorneys said they could help me, but in the end, after changing attorneys, Mr. Gold handled my case and got me a very generous severance package. He kept me informed every step of the way, answered my calls and responded to my emails promptly. I have recommended Mr. Gold to several other people and will continue to do so.

Outstanding Representation-Efficient, Professional and Responsive
Posted by anonymous

I was subjected to discrimination by a law firm. After interviewing other attorneys, I retained Mr. Gold to represent me. Mr. Gold was able to successfully resolve all of the issues quickly to my satisfaction. His representation was responsive, professional and efficient, and he is very knowledgeable. I have recommended him to others and they have been equally pleased.

R. Turner MD

I am a client of Attorney Randall Gold of Fox & Fox Attorneys Monona WI. Attorney Gold represented me for my employment lawsuit. Attorney Gold is a good listener. He developed a good understanding of my case. He applied his knowledge of employment law to successfully prosecute my case to a satisfactory resolution, and most importantly provide justice. To use a sports analogy, Attorney Gold is a number 1 draft pick, you will not be disappointed with your choice.

C. Porter

I highly recommend Randall Gold for legal review of medical contacts. I am a physician Assistant and Randall was instrumental in reviewing my current contract as well as the new contract. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the PA profession and is passionate about helping pass through this process. He was a absolute please to work with and his attentiveness to detail and timeliness in review was most appreciated. I would not take a job without consulting Randall again.

J. Zaper

Attorney Randall Gold did an excellent job of guiding me through the separation process with my former employer when my position was eliminated. His counsel was invaluable and gave me the confidence that I was leaving my job with all of my bases covered. He was immediately responsive and straightforward, and clear in his communication. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an employment attorney.


Erica Shinkle, March 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Peter Fox on a legal matter recently and I have to say, he is an exceptional lawyer. From the very beginning, Peter was thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. He took the time to explain everything to me in a way that was easy to understand, and he always kept me informed about the progress of my case.  What really stood out to me was how much he truly cared about my case. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and understood every step of the process. He was always available to answer my questions and address any concerns that I had. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you, Peter, for all your hard work and dedication to my case!

Nancy Wagner

I would highly recommend Peter Fox, Fox and Fox S.C., who represented me in an employment matter. Peter is a strong advocate and does what he says he is going to do. He will not hesitate to litigate a case, is an exceptional strategist, and forthright with his opinion. Peter always took the time to answer questions and promptly returned phone calls / e-mail. He has a great passion for representing the underdog and getting results. I would have no hesitation retaining Peter or his firm again if needed.

Diane Mack

Peter Fox is AWESOME! He stayed by my side all the way to the Supreme Court with winning results for me after a 9 year battle on an employment discrimination issue. Being a father himself he understands dedication and loyalty and will be a friend for life to both my husband and I. He definitely knows how to help the “underdog” and win his cases! Thank you Peter!!

Jen G

I could not have done this without Peter Fox. He is very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate! He was there for me every step of the way through my discrimination case. He really puts the human touch in his work!

Joell Schigur

There are elite attorneys and elite people. Peter Fox is both. If you are in need of guidance or representation, and you value thoughtful, direct and concise evaluation, talk to an attorney at Fox & Fox. They are passionate about the law and the clients that they represent. I will be forever grateful for the amity, respect and compassionate intervention provided when feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed by legal complexities.

Chris K.

Attorney Peter Fox took my employment whistleblower case where I was the victim of retaliation – to say the odds were stacked against me would be an understatement. I faced a team of lawyers with an unlimited budget and I was all alone. Peter looked beyond the difficult circumstances of my case because he saw a victim of injustice and he would not let that stand. He fought for me and my family and he won the case. It was a very emotional time and I can honestly say we made it through because of Peter Fox. He not only represented me but he saw me through this storm with compassion and encouragement. He gave me hope when I thought all hope was lost, often calling me on the phone just to ask how I was doing. Peter cared about me as a person not just a client – words cannot truly express how much that meant to me. He carried me through one of the most trying times of my life – and the thing is… he didn’t have to. He could have easily passed on my case and a lesser attorney would have. But this is the thing about Peter Fox – he believes in doing the right thing no matter what the outcome. He believes in justice and he believed in me – I don’t think I can ever thank him enough for that. I cannot express how much that meant to me, how much it helped me to stand up. There are times when special people touch your life and through who they are – you become a better person. My experience with Peter Fox is an example of one of those times. I highly recommend Peter Fox and Fox & Fox, S.C.

Mark Wynn

Things went bad at work, I’m middle aged and close to retirement, Act 10 sent the union packing and I was without the representation I relied on for most of my working life. When your employer has deep pockets and management wants to replace fair play with arbitrary rules, you feel as if you’re back on the playground, nose to nose, with the school yard bully. Suffice it to say, that when my back was to the wall, everyone–and I mean everyone–said you can’t fight city hall, just take it and bide your time, I decided to seek at least one consultation with an employment attorney and a trusted friend suggested Peter Fox. My case wasn’t a simple one and as I told Mr Fox the story I expected him to pass on it and to suggest I just take a beating, but I will always remember what he said: “I’ll win this for you.” And he did as promised. It took 664 days because my employer thought we would go away and that’s the game they play, but Peter Fox hung in there with me, a workingman who wants to retire with dignity–and I will–and for that I’m grateful beyond measure . . .


Tonya Castle Bruce

Attorney Richard Rice is a man of integrity, compassion and is prompt with attorney-client communications.  I could not have asked for a better well versed counsel to assist me during such a stressful time in my life.  Thanks Richard!

Sean Higgins

Over the years I have retained several lawyers and have found Attorney Richard Rice of Fox & Fox to be of excellent quality. Unlike other lawyers that were indifferent, Rice is very dependable with transparency, returning emails and phone calls which is consistent with Fox & Fox’s positive reputation. He has many years of experience, listening ears, solid advice and a polite confidence that comes with it. Rice is particularly quick-witted in depositions and Hearings, and is definitely ethical. So overall, I have found him to be a trusted protector and partner with my legal matters which has given me peace of mind. Attorney Rice has earned my recommendation.

Dave Teske

Richard Rice won my case. Mr. Rice represented me in a labor issue. As a state employee, it is daunting to take on the Department of Administration. Our case went all the way to the WERC (WI Employee Relations Commission). We won our case and the state had to pay my legal fees and my discipline was reversed and removed from my personnel file. Very quick to reply to my queries, and he listened to what I had to say. I don’t care much for attorneys in general, but Richard is a winner.

Two of the best !!!!
Posted by Gary Wales

I’ve had the unfortunate/ fortunate pleasure of using Fox&Fox twice. First time Richard Rice handled the case very well….Minor discrimination case … Second case was an accident case with my wife and was handled by Richard and also Mike Fox. These two delivered EXCEPTIONAL Results that were above and beyond our expectations while keeping our best interests and my wife’s physical condition in mind…… Thx guys for a wonderful experience thru our difficult time….❤️

Definitely Recommend-No Nonsense
Posted by Kim

August 8, 2020
Choosing Fox & Fox, S.C. Firm and specifically Richard Rice for my case was the best decision I could have made. My career, my future and the security of a family were all turned upside down by the actions of a trusted employer. I was blindsided, unfamiliar with my rights and worried about the corporate intimation I knew would follow should I take a stand. Richard helped me with in every aspect of my case. Mr. Rice is an excellent skillful caring lawyer, from the very start, he was upfront and realistic regarding the situation and expectations. Richard truly went above and beyond in handling my claim. He diligently explained every situation in detail to me and answered all of my questions. I strongly recommend that anyone who would find themselves in an Employee Rights legal situation to contact Richard Rice for a consultation. Thank you again, I shall forever be in your debt.

Excellent & Thorough Representation
Posted by Jennifer

September 5, 2018
Richard (Dick) Rice represented me on two cases involving my former employer in Madison, WI. He was often my voice of rationale and helped me feel confident that what I was experiencing was in fact discrimination and I was not imagining things. He also helped me process through the various feelings and insecurities that accompany discrimination in the workplace.
He was very attentive to every document we presented to support my legal position and made himself available to me via email and phone over the course of the entire process which lasted more than one year in each case.
I felt extremely supported by Dick throughout both processes and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to represent any person. As a Black woman it was a relief to have my experience validated by Dick he was and is a true ally.
I was able to obtain a satisfactory settlement with both of my cases and I am not sure I would have had the same success with another attorney. As I said before I worked with him twice and I hope I don’t encounter another situation where I need him but if I did I would certainly use him again. I have since recommended him on multiple occasions and will continue to do so.

100% Satisfied!Posted
by Andrew

April 29, 2018
A lawyer friend recommended Mr. Rice’s firm to me, and when I contacted them Richard called me within hours. After an initial consultation, I hired Richard to represent me and I’m thrilled that I did! I had never needed a lawyer before and so was very grateful that he thoroughly and patiently explained the process, including potential benefits and pitfalls. Over the 2 years that my complaint was pending, Richard ALWAYS responded to my calls and emails quickly, whether it was late at night, early in the morning, or on the weekend. I quickly came to realize that Richard’s years of experience had taught him well and his advice and counsel were spot-on. We eventually were able to secure a nice settlement from my ex-employer, and everything that Richard promised in our initial consultation he delivered upon in the end. Honest, thorough, and blunt to a fault, Richard cuts through the process with unerring skill and wise counsel. I couldn’t be happier with Mr. Rice and his firm, and I give him my highest recommendation!

M. Redman

The services of Richard Rice were recommended by a friend who went through a similar issue with a mutual employer. Throughout the 18 month journey Attorney Rice provided excellent and very professional support, guidance, and advice. He was truly my advocate looking after me and fighting for my rights with my ex-employer. He remained positive and kept me grounded during the whole process. All discussions with him were positive, enjoyable, and he was quite a conversationalist. Even though this was a change in my life and career all the interactions with Attorney Rice were extremely positive. Highly recommended; job well done!!