We Will Protect Your Rights In Wage And Hour Disputes

Employees have legal rights guaranteeing timely payment of the wages and other compensation they have earned.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other wage and hour laws strictly regulate the minimum wage, permissible work hours and overtime pay that employers must provide. There are also detailed rules governing which kinds of employees are entitled to these important employment rights.

If you believe your employer is denying you minimum wage or overtime pay or imposing unpaid or excessive hours of work, the attorneys at Fox & Fox, S.C., can help you understand your wage and hour rights and provide the strong representation you need. Our team of expert lawyers has extensive experience enforcing employee rights of all kinds, including wage and hour claims and FLSA violations. If your co-workers are being denied the same rights as you, we can also pursue class action claims to obtain just compensation for the entire group.

Protecting Employee Rights To Rightful Wages And Compensation

Statutes and other legal rules also require on-time payment of any compensation—including wages, salaries, commissions and bonuses—that is due to employees for the work they have performed. In many cases, physicians, executives and other highly skilled employees will also have individual employment contracts promising these and other forms of compensation.

The employment compensation lawyers at Fox & Fox, S.C., have the knowledge, skill and experience needed to provide sound advice and effective advocacy when fair wage payments and rightful compensation are denied to employees of all kinds. Our attorneys have obtained substantial financial recoveries for our clients through negotiated settlements and administrative and court decisions enforcing their wage and compensation rights.

We Represent Individuals And Groups Of Employees

If you are not being paid the wages or other compensation you are entitled to, the employment law attorneys at Fox & Fox are here for you. Contact us today online or by telephone at 608-258-9588, 844-206-9772 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Chicago or Wisconsin wage and hour attorney. With law offices in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, we are equipped to represent clients throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area.